Introduction of Léon Moussinac

Léon Moussinac (1890-1964) was one of the most prolific and influential French critics/theorists of cinema during the 1920s. A boyhood friend of Louis Delluc in Bordeaux, Moussinac did three years of military service beginning in 1910 and then was recalled into the French army during World War I. He aspired to be writer and tried his hand at novels, poems, plays, and criticism until, after the war, in Paris, he secured editorial positions at the theater monthly, Comoedia illustré, and the publisher, Editions Albert Lévy. His friendship with Delluc led Moussinac to begin writing about film, and soon he was contributing a review column to the prestigious literary monthly, Mercure de France, as well as the daily newspaper, L’humanité, and publishing articles in a range of magazines, from Le crapouillot to Cinémagazine and Cinéa (Delluc’s own journal).