Danièle Huillet

Danièle Huillet,10月9日因癌症逝世,她1954年与Jean-Marie Straub相识,据说当年她在IDHEC的考试中,拒绝对考题上提出的对Yves Allegret的一部电影做分析,愤然退出考试,两个人组成了一对不为人熟悉的银幕夫妇,直到今年威尼斯电影节上,他们的最后一部电影《与他们的日子》还因影片中的电影创新精神而获得了评委会特别奖,老太太走而无憾。我一个好朋友的博士论文,就是以Straub-Huillet电影为研究对象的,他们刚刚在5月见过面。两个人做电影夫妻50年还没有出轨,在这一行里越来越少见。

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  1. ejumpcut.orgyoutube.com”The most interesting thing about me is my date of birth; 1 May 1936. After the second diploma I went once to the Sorbonne and ran out again after a half hour, in hatred and terror. Then I prepared for the I.D.H.E.C. – and met Straub in the process. I wanted to make documentaries – ethnographic films. Also: I didn’t like blond people with light skin at all; when I was small, I found nothing more beautiful than the girls at school in Paris (where I came only at age 13—before, I was in the country), who were dark. . . . But Straub simply was blond with very light skin, unfortunately! I had learned English and Spanish and then had to learn first German and finally Italian . . . quite dialectical.”
    – Danièle Huillet, 1976



  2. 嗯,说去就去了啊。他们的片子,到现在只有幸看到一部。


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